Health Shake

Health & Nutrition Coaching

       At WeCARE Medical Office, you get a complimentary health and nutrition coach with your membership. Our coach on staff, Artur Galustyan (CHC, BS), is certified with one of the most reputable health and nutrition schools in the country and has a bachelors in counseling. His 

training and experience allows him to go, in depth, to the areas of nutritionexercise, emotional and mental health. 


       Each month, you can connect with him in person, via the phone, or our HIPAA compliant video conferencing 

portal. No question or concern is too insignificant for Artur Galustyan. You can ask him about your diet, sleeping habits, exercise routine, mental health, emotional well-being, stress, etc. Dr. Valenzuela and Artur will work together to make sure that you are living up to your fullest potential with regards to your health.