Why choose Dr. Valenzuela?

       Dr. Valenzuela is a family practice physician with over 15 years of experience. Her compassion and attention to detail have won her the respect of both her patients and colleagues. She personally checks on each and every patient. That is the kind of personal attention you will get with Dr. Valenzuela. Also, Dr. Valenzuela makes herself available for her patients to contact her any time of the day via call, text, or email. She has also made herself available on the weekends and evenings in order to accommodate the needs of her patients. Her team will take the time to help patients navigate the healthcare system, show them where to get the cheapest prescriptions, and educate them on which specialists to choose for additional care.

Patient Reviews

"I have been working with Dr. Valenzuela and her husband, Arthur for 3 years now. When we started I smoked 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. My blood pressure was very high along with my cholesterol. I was 1 point into being a diabetic. In essence the numbers that needed to be high were low and the numbers were supposed to be low were high. I was overweight and completely out of shape. The first thing we worked on was helping me quit smoking. As of today, I am 2 1/2 years smoke free. It was not easy by any means but with Dr. Valenzuela, Arthur, my husband, family and friends. I did it. I do not miss it. Then we started to work on my blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Dr. Valenzuela gave me medications to bring my numbers to a safe level. Today my blood pressure is normal 98% of the time. My cholesterol numbers have gone down a lot but there is still some room for improvement. My sugar levels are normal now. Dr. Valenzuela and Arthur, encouraged me to start exercising. They said “just start walking”. I was 187 lbs., out of shape and my lungs were still trying to clean themselves out. I was only able to do 6 minutes. That’s no lie. I walked 3 blocks and had to turn back around. That was 1 years ago. Today I walk 1 hour to 1 ¾ hours and have lost 28 lbs. Arthur, whom I call my health coach, is wonderful. He helped me with my diet. He explained how certain food interact with the body. He never made me feel bad when I went off the rails. I was afraid I would starve by changing my eating habits. Arthur assured me I won’t. LOL, and I haven’t. His guidance, patience, loving manner and gently pulling me to healthier eating habits is something you can’t put a dollars value on it. I don’t eat meat except for once in a blue moon. I found that I enjoy cooking new recipes which included lots of veggies. I eat chicken, fish, beans, salads. If you are looking for a quick fix or a pill pusher. Dr. Valenzuela and Arthur are not for you. If you want to get control over your health and are willing to work hand and hand with Dr. Valenzuela and Arthur, then you are in the right place. They are worth their weight in gold. Please note, it is going to take time to getting healthy but it CAN be done. I will always be eternally grateful to Dr. Valenzuela and Arthur. I am not where I want to be but I am not where I was."

"Dr. V and Artur have been amazing and helpful. Dr. V goes above and beyond for her patients I'm blessed to have them as part of my team!"

"I have been dealing with a sudden change in my health the past few weeks and having no primary care provider I made an appointment with Dr. Valenzuela to begin the process of understanding what was happening. From the first introduction Dr. Valenzuela was very caring and attentive to my health history and willing to listen to what I was experiencing instead of pre-determining the problem like an urgent care did the day before. We spent a full hour discussing the symptoms I was presenting with and I left feeling heard. I have a care plan for the next few weeks and at the follow up we will work to further understand what is going on. In my professional career I work with doctors all of the time and Dr. Valenzuela is in the top percentage. She will have business with both my wife and myself going forward. Strongly recommend the practice particularly if you are a self-pay patient."